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Thread: Shadow / CSX-T rear suspension resto help

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    Shadow / CSX-T rear suspension resto help

    What started as a simple coil spring / strut/ shock replacement has morphed into a total rear end removal. Every bolt I have gone to remove has broken off on the rear suspension and required a sawsall etc. I am about to remove the front pivot arm brackets, are these just bolts into the frame or are there nuts on the backside? Doesn't look like there is access for nuts.

    I am mostly concerned about breaking the bolts off. If they do break guessing the best option is to use an extractor or left handed drill bit? If the frame is threaded for the bolts I am also concerned with damaging the threads.

    I have a complete clean rear end coming from AZ. Once I get it here and get mine out I will make a decision to either just use the parts I need or just rebuilding the replacement unit and junking what's under my car.

    Once the rear end, gas tank and exhaust are removed next will be me in a dust mask and goggles with a wire wheel to the floor and frame sections that need it. Followed by a re-undercoat, new tank/straps.

    CSX-T 614
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