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Thread: Help from the group on engine replacement/swap

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    Help from the group on engine replacement/swap

    Hi, this is my first post and only joined figure this group knows a lot about the early dodge motors and what they can be swapped out with.

    So...long story short. We have a 1990 UMC Aeromate whose dodge omni engine just bit the dust. It gets light usage because we sell our gourmet cookie, ice creams, and cookie dough at events. It's at the mechanic now and won't know the whole story until monday. But we were told it would be better to by a replacement than try to fix it. So instead of trying to find the same motor to replace it with, would we be better off looking for a different engine? These trucks came with V6 dodge minivan drivetrains or the omni 4 cylinder.

    So is there a plug and play upgraded motor out there, so it will go in with minimal work(minimizing cost) or should we just have the mechanic look for a newer rebuilt omni?

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    Re: Help from the group on engine replacement/swap

    The 3.0 V6 with associated engine bay harness, ECM, mounts, etc. is a "bolt-in". If the original 4-cylinder was not turbo, then the fuel pump will need to be upgraded to the V6/Turbo unit. This will also require a different transmission for the V6...highly suggest the 3-speed A670 in this application over the 4-speed A604 for simplicity and potential reliability sake.

    I know those were modified Caravans, but dunno *how* modified. There's been a few members that have had these over the years, but not too many have done much with them.

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    Re: Help from the group on engine replacement/swap

    You could easily grab a 89+ 2.5 N/A motor from just about anything in the junk yard and drop it in.

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    Re: Help from the group on engine replacement/swap

    someone's grandmother's 2.5 shadow would be perfect from a garage or carport somewhere hopefully nearby

    a good running car for 5 hun or so is a lot better deal than just a lump in the mud that's SUPPOSED to be an engine for the same money

    and you get some spares like the trans etc

    a V6 swap means first learning all the differences then finding the needed parts in addition to finding a GOOD engine , and then as said trans

    a straight engine replacement saves that and uses all the things you already have

    question is how soon do you need it going again - there in, is your correct answer

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