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Thread: MPTUNE Won't Start my Car

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    MPTUNE Won't Start my Car

    I have a 1993 dodge daytona with the v6 and 604. The SBECII has been socketed and I am using the ostrich with MPTUNE. I am trying to run the car with a 95 dodge stratus tcu so the car shifts at 6500 rpms.

    However with the cal loaded to the ostrich the car is having an extremely difficult time turning on even after warm up. Like I need to crank it for over 2 minutes. It sounds like popping and starving of fuel. I grabbed an extra stock ecu I had and when I plug the car into that it starts fine and sounds like its running smoother too.

    All I did was download the cal below and increase the rev limiter to 6800 rpms. Is it possible that some other settings need tweeked to this cal that I am missing? Or some settings are incorrectly saved to the file listed on the forum?

    Link to Cal on forum (92 v6):

    Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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    Re: MPTUNE Won't Start my Car

    I had an issue with my ostrich where it wouldn't update the tune. I contacted Moates and they directed me to a program that clears the chip and I then reflashed the chip with a good tune. I have since started using the Ostrich flashing utility only, as I had been using MPTune and the EmUtility to flash and it's possible that was the issue. No problems since.
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