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Thread: Swap from non turbo to turbo

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    Swap from non turbo to turbo

    I have a 92 shadow TBI w/ auto trans, want to swap engine/trans from a 91 shadow turbo w/ 5 spd. Is this an easy swap? wiring harness problems? The 91 is a complete car. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Re: Swap from non turbo to turbo

    I would think that the connectors under the dash would be very similar from 91 to 92. That is going to be the main issue for you. If you have the complete donor, that shouldn't be all that bad if you know what you're doing.

    Are you parting out the 91 car?

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    Re: Swap from non turbo to turbo

    Ya, im sure you will be surprised with just how straight forward the whole swap will be. Ypur best friend would be the body wiring diagrams and compare the bulkhead connector at the drivers side A pillar. See if everything jives. Worst cast, u cut the connector from your 92, and graft it to the 91 harness, with help of those diagrams... But im sure that much of the wiring would jive.

    Good luck!
    Keep us posted!
    Mark B

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