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Thread: Rust protection

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    Re: Rust protection

    Quote Originally Posted by supercrackerbox View Post
    What am I doing wrong with the Fluid Film? I've tried it extensively on my truck and my '91 Daytona. It didn't do anything to protect them, and washed off just from driving in the rain.
    I coat it really heavily and let it sit. It does a good job of forming a lasting film, especially on the suspension of my cars. If you really want it to work well, I think you'll need to reapply once in the middle of winter depending on where you live.

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    Re: Rust protection

    I use NHOC (New Hampshire Oil Undercoat) on my truck and Evo. What's nice about it is it has a graphite type substance in it. It's much thicker than Fluid Film. You more or less need to paint it on, or use an undercoating gun to apply it. It creeps quite well when it gets warm, so its a good idea to apply it during the warm summer/fall months before the temps drop drastically. Due to the creeping action, it also helps to break down into rusted fasteners, and slows/stops galvanic corrosion as well. I just dab a bit on every brake fitting I can find underhood and on the frame when Im around it for maintenance and NEVER had a problem getting things apart. It's designed to not be a "rust-proofer" and more of a preventative. The only way to truly rust-proof a vehicle is to get at it the day you buy it, brand new. Once rust is there, its there, and short of electrolysis, will never be "gone". So its designed to soak into the metal, and create a watertight, self-healing barrier that you can re-apply once a year or so. Its also non-toxic, so I don't need to worry about my animals getting into it and dying or something to that effect. The "back to black" stuff is made more for undercarriages and components that have visible rust on them. They also

    No, I'm not a salesman, it just works. I love it. Check it out
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    Re: Rust protection

    Quote Originally Posted by turismolover22 View Post
    I use NHOC (New Hampshire Oil Undercoat) on my truck and Evo/
    Interesting that this sounds identical to the product I use "Proform" both even have a fruity smell. It even looks the same once applied

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