Date: 07th July 2019
Username: 2.2 quik
Full Name: Johnnie Myers
City, State, Zip: Hampton, Va 23666 (your choice of listing e-mail and phone. you must provide phone number via at least PM if potential buyer wants to verify.)
Price: Various (any applicable merchant fees must be included in this and not in addition)

Description :Lots of parts going to Carlisle on Wednesday. Spaces A32 to A35. Includes :
Rampage rear quarters (rust free) $125
Charger rear quarters $100
Fenders (early and late L body) $50 to $75
Doors (rust free) $100
*( 2.5 minivan motor and trans, 82 Rampage carb motor and trans
Shelby valve covers, NOS Direct Connection valve cover, new and used logic modules including GLHS, new upholstery material for Rampage Sport and Scamp GT. Hundreds of other parts. Stop by and check everything out. Too many parts to list all.
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