Ran into another issue with the rebuild of glhs 290. I really don't know the history of this vehicle but there is has been modified work done to the car. The car already has a ND alternator installed and the harness is in really bad shape. I found a NOS alternator harness on ebay and purchased from a fella that goes by the name Ralphmonster. For the most part the harness looks the same minus the connections for the alternator. I'm not seeing a connector for the ECT sensor on the new harness. On my old harness it looks like a GM style 2 pin connector. Also on the oil sensor the old harness is a 1 pin connector and the new harness is a 3 pin. Should I got back to the original alternator and what to do about the ect plug? I will provided pics to be show my issues. I really don't want to cut up a brand new 165.00 harness if I don't have to.