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Thread: T3 exhaust manifold

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    T3 exhaust manifold

    Is it possible to replace the exhaust manifold gasket on a t3 motor without removing the turbo?

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    Re: T3 exhaust manifold

    I know it's possible, at least with the engine out of the car. I'm sure it's doable with it in the car, but difficult. I have a turbo on a TIII manifold that I can't get the nuts to break loose, so it can be done.
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    Re: T3 exhaust manifold

    The entire manifold/turbo combo can be removed while the motor is still in the car, but it is a lot more difficult to do it this way. If you are going to attempt this, make sure to remove the front motor mount and rear bobble strut and loosen the passenger side mount so you can rock the entire motor forward a few inches. You'll be thankful for the extra room.

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