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Thread: Horn - 1986 GLHS

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    Horn - 1986 GLHS

    Silly question. My father-in-law's GLHS has a Sparton Horn mounted behind the passenger side headlight under the engine compartment rail. This seems to be pretty standard from my research. However, no wires connect into the horn at all. Is that an error? How does the horn function? Anyone have any pictures of their horn mounted and how its powered?


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    Re: Horn - 1986 GLHS

    One relatively large gauge wire goes to the horn. The horn grounds to the body.

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    Re: Horn - 1986 GLHS

    If you haven't found it yet, look for a 14 gauge green with red tracer wire. It will have a black plastic connector on the end that locks it onto the horn. My guess is someone intentionally disconnected this wire from the horn. GLHS steering wheels were infamous for the foam under the horn pad disintegrating. When this happens the horn will energize all by itself. This is probably why someone disconnected the wire to the horn. Best to pull the white horn relay at the fuse box rather than the wire at the horn. Of course the real fix is the fabricate new horn pad foam, so you have a working horn.
    Either that or your father in law's got the newest Bluetooth horn.

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