After replacing the fuel tank and related parts on my Spirit R/T, I now have a brake line leaking. There is a pin hole in the bend of the hard line that attached where the long front to rear line runs down the passenger side on the line that connects just to the right of the fuel filter and runs in front and above the fuel tank to supply pressure over to the driver rear of the car (I think.) I need to bust out my service manuals and see if it show the line routing. I don't know if this runs over to the left rear wheel soft line connection or if there is a distribution block that it runs to to supply both rear discs. Regardless, I was thinking last night, is this line pretty much the same on all the K-based cars or is this an AA-body only hard line? Or maybe is it only a rear disc car hard line and the drum cars had a different hard line? I was hoping to find a clean original line to take off a car as it would be an easier and quicker repair than bending a new one. I'm prepared to buy and bend and flare a new one but just curious as to how hard finding a stock used replacement might be. Does anyone know from experience? I guess my manuals might give me an idea when I get a chance to pull them from the shelf this weekend.