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Thread: Woosh from brake booster

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    Re: Woosh from brake booster

    Quote Originally Posted by 135sohc View Post
    Thermocure from Walmart as a system flush. Talk about amazing, I start getting heat output in 2 minutes.
    I decided to test on my Sundance DD as the cooling system crackles after driving and I can hear things boil slightly.
    Now the problem...
    This product caused my rad fan to stop working even on an 85 degree day, idling in my driveway. And it also busted my temperature gauge, WTF
    I have checked relays and fan motor etc but i am out of ideas......
    Now I need help to fix my fan ....any suggestions????

    On a serious note, the product worked great and the rad fan is fine, Thanks Craig for the suggestion, I did pick up 5 jugs from Walmart in the USA a few week back.
    It really did help the cooling system
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    Re: Woosh from brake booster

    Ya, the blue/pink wire on your rad fan relay, tap into that and run it to a switch, ground the other side of the switch, then you can turn on the rad fan whenever you want

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    Re: Woosh from brake booster

    back when I had my turboed turismo I wanted a full time powered relay and temp switch for the fan

    so , I could walk away and let the fan start , stop , start again , stop ..and so on because the head heats way up when the engine ..and water pump shut down , several times

    it would be even nicer to power up my electric water pump too , now that I have one

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