At some point in the next year or so I'd like to start upgrading the powertrain on my 2015 Grand Caravan, at this time i'm looking for low hanging fruit.

Are there any transfer gears that are interchangeable with the 62TE that will offer a lower gear ratio (higher numeric, closer ratio)? My limited understanding shows there might be a small opportunity for tweaking the gear ratio if other gears are available and if the PCM doesn't freak for some reason.

Ultimately I'd like more manual control over the trans than the AutoStick offers, an LSD, and the ability to handle 400ish torques while still being family vacation-able. Transmission wise this will likely involve a built or different transmission.


..and a few pics to show since i'm a new member:

Lowered on custom fabbed and valved Koni adjustables

and the current 4-piston 14.25 x 1.25" rotor big brake build