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Thread: 1992 LeBaron Digital Dash Help Needed.

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    1992 LeBaron Digital Dash Help Needed.

    So I was so happy to find a like new digital dash for a 1992 - 1993 Lebaron however when I removed my analog cluster I found the plugs are different. I found the pinout for the plug on the digital dash but cant find the pinout for the plugs in my dash. I found a few threads people talking about the swap in earlier models but I understand 1992 had some key differences from the 80's digital dash. If anyone has these pinouts, an adapter, any part or information to help me do this update please let me know.

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    Re: 1992 LeBaron Digital Dash Help Needed.

    To swap a 1990+ G/J-body car to digital dash you need: gauge cluster, cluster pig tails, BCM that matches the year of the cluster, pig tails for the BCM. So, if you only have the gauge cluster, you don't have what you need yet. There's a few write-ups on on this exact swap and the exact differences between the years and I believe those threads include wiring diagrams.

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