Hi new here but not new to FWD Turbo non Turbo Mopars as owned and drive daily for over 25 years. I have 1989 Caravan 2.5 singlepoint Inj. and NEED the Crankshaft timing belt sprocket P/N 4483298 same as the 2.2 versions for 1989. Its a 5 pulley bolt hole with a rounded shape grooves and I think it is used for several years after and the belt grooves are cut about 2/3 on the side with a blank band the rest. And the belt width just over 1 inch. It also has 5 scalloped notches between the 5 bolt holes. Height is just under 2 inches 1.900 main body less the dowel stub. Need good used or NOS. Just message me as I don`t know if I got this message right. Thanks