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Thread: Various parts!!!

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    Various parts!!!

    19th May 2019
    Full Name: Dan F
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    Okay, so I have several parts for sale! Hopefully they can go to a good home! I also likely have other odds and ends you may be looking for not pictured, so if that is the case just ask

    2.5 CB, 0.020" over, with ARP main studs. Block was not from a turbo car, so it just needs the oil return machined out
    $175 + ship (prefer local pickup)

    2.5 Crankshaft, freshened up and didn't need machining, STD/STD size on the crank and rod journals
    $100 + ship

    2.5 Forged Venolia Pistons, 0.020" over, with unopened rings, locks and .912 wrist pins

    $425 + ship

    All of the above parts actually were at the machine shop at the same time, so I will also sell all three of those as a package deal if someone wants all of them

    1990 A568 transmission, 3.85 FD with shifter assembly and extra gearset and extra differential

    $500 + ship (prefer local pickup or meet)

    Large FMIC

    $125 + ship

    Autometer water temp, oil pressure, pyrometer gauges

    $75 shipped for all three, the water temp gauge still has the probe, pyrometer has no sending unit with it, oil pressure gauge will need a new run of line as this one was cut short

    Daytona dual gauge pillar pod, pretty good shape no cracks

    $75 shipped

    Ported 445 G Head with 37/44mm valvles complete with camshaft, sliders, and has what I believe are the TU performance dual valve springs.
    The head has been off a car for prob about 10 years now, Id bring it to machine shop to be freshened up before use. Also has a few holes that need to be helicoiled
    $400 + ship

    5 bolt underdrive pulley

    $90 shipped

    NEW accufab fuel pressure regulator

    $110 shipped

    Turbonetics S60 compressor cover

    $40 shipped

    Mitsubishi T04e turbo w/ lines

    minimal shaft play, spins freely and actually is in good shape! includes oil and coolant lines

    $150 shipped
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