found this one today - figured there should be some left at the end of the month so I thought I'd safe to share the listing

a little research said look for a 10-12 inch tube length and a down flow design ..

same side in/out in 3 inch and a 25 x 10 x 3 1/2 bar & plate core

I figure if it's to big at least it's not to big in a way that will hurt either flow or cooling
the extra size I'm hoping , if any, is simply redundant

- checking size in the car it will place it evenly in the area before the rad and should therefore I'd figure have a pretty even pressure and flow through it and into the rad

car is non a/c

I even have room for twin fans either in front or behind it .. and I found a perfect shrouded twin 12 inch fans that will fit perfectly too

seems to want to fit my car easy with ample space for elbows at the in/out after quick check with the tape measure

any input on CXRacing intercoolers ?
.. it's not one of their really cheep ones so I have some hope I finally found one I actually like that might be worth owning

and bonus..I get to keep my nice minty non intercooled charger turbo rad & it's nice minty o-e fan too..I just have to bump 'em over for the I-C hoses to get past

I started the afternoon thinking maybe I should put my daytona rad & I-C in today
... but my existing rad's toooo nice to lose lol

and I finished the afternoon confirming the 3/4 x 3/4 x 4 foot piece of square aluminum tube I happen to have IS long enough to make two vertical upright mount bars
..with enough left over to make spacers and installation bits n bites