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Thread: Blow by

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    Blow by

    Well along with smoking upon deceleration I'm also looking at blow by. It is enough to lift the dipstick and blow oil out the tube. A compression test showed 120 PSI across the board for all 4 cylinders. Guess I need rings but any other thoughts?

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    Re: Blow by

    You need to do a leak-down test. Static compression tells part of the story, but now you're guessing. It could be rings, it could be a hung valve, excessive valve guide clearance...etc. I have not seen it done, but I know you can combine the leak-down test with smoke to really see what's up.

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    Re: Blow by

    The way I was taught to verify a ring problem is to do a compression test, then put a little oil in the cylinder, then do another compression test. If the compression shoots up, the rings are an issue. A leakdown test would only verify that you are losing compression into the crank case, not what in the combustion chamber is causing the leak. I agree with Reaper that it could be something other than rings, but pretty much all of them will require at least the top end of the engine being torn down.

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