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Thread: Need Help Troubleshooting...91 Spirit R/T

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    Need Help Troubleshooting...91 Spirit R/T

    Hey everyone, I have been messing with this thing for far to long and have hit a wall . The car has failed emissions numerous times, the last readings were: HC .92, CO 10.27 and NoX 2.75. It is currently failing for NoX by .25, but the other readings are just below the limits.

    Currently the car idles at 14.7 -15.1 which seems normal, but as soon as you touch the throttle, it goes dead lean for a second or 2 then swings to 9.5 - 10.5 and slowly makes its way back to 14.8. I tested the TPS and the voltage does not indicate a drop when the throttle is depressed, it acts like I expect. The plugs seem to indicate a rich mixture. While driving the wideband indicates 14.8 or so like normal, but when you lift off the throttle, it goes rich for a few seconds before it goes to fuel cut off.

    During my troubleshooting I have changed the following parts to verify what the OTC and wideband are telling me:
    Computer 2x
    Throttle Body
    O2 Sensor (Mopar)
    Plugs (Autolite 65)
    Fuel Pump (confirmed bad initially)

    This car has not run since my ownership, I got it without a drivetrain. I installed a known good drivetrain and am observing the above problems.All systems are factory stock for now to aid in troubleshooting.
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