been meaning to ask this one for years

I know I can get soft vs hard bearings for most any old V8 project but I've yet to come across any mention of a hard 2.2 rod bearing

the basic clevite engine rebuilder rod bearings just don't make the grade for me and never did

six years , six rebuilt '85 heavy rod NCB motors .. all ended the summer with spun or burned up rod bearings

problem stopped with the 86 lightweight rod motors - I actually like those motors for 200 ish hp a LOT more - I've had three, successfully, all unrebuilt to boot

and yeah , part of the issue (part lol) is me I know
driving my old turbo converted turismo I did learn where the power loss lamp ... STARTS to light up

not bright , just a dull red glow outta the cluster at the top of third...only ever noticed it at night

I'm going to use JE pistons and my BC rods so stuff should be "light" , whatever that turns out to be but I'd like to also remove the chance for distortion and squeezing at the rod bearings too

crank bearings have never been an issue other than rod bearing trash

wanna do laps all day .. not wait in line to make passes - so the merciless auto beatings shall be resuming

I have no issue with "refreshing" the right parts but I don't want to constantly replace the wrong parts and make repairs which it seems is what I was doing back then

goal is 450-480 hp -- drivable, all day
well , for an hour or so at a time anyways ..

Mosport is about an hour from home including stopping for coffee
and it's in the opposite direction of the morning rush hour
sounds perfect for a retired guy's early start to the day lol

at the gate when it opens ...first thing in the morning
probably knowing me , with something I just spent all night finishing

... needs a "test drive"