What do you think of these bad lads? I should not that cyl. #1 instantly broke when I attempted to pull it out. I'm guessing some of the extra deposits, etc. are from that being on its way out. Do these look like I'm burning any oil from loose guides or leaky stem seals?

I'm trying to track down the source of oil burning. The turbo was "new" not long ago, and the head is a reman unit done at the same time. The car runs great with the exception of this oil burning which happens mainly when I start the car up after it has been hot. I can also smell it when I'm done driving. I should add that I have replaced the stem seals with Mopar units recently mileage wise.

Unless it's an exhaust guide leaking and not getting into the combustion chamber very well, I'm stumped for oil burning in the head. Maybe I'm wrong?

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