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Thread: connector electrical quality

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    connector electrical quality

    As inspired by
    I have always questioned the use of an insulation layer on an electrical contact such as grease.
    So I will compare Grote trailer connector grease, dielectric compound, DeOxit 5, stabilant 22a and dry. I will clean and dry the connectors prior to each data set, I plan to run each in triplicate. Using random order of sample testing position.
    Any other magical mixtures I should try???

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    Re: connector electrical quality


    red spray can rust proofing at cdn tire

    I've always used a little spritz on EVERYTHING ..outside

    grease holds dirt and crud so I avoid it ..a little spritz of fresh rustcheck and the connector's cleaned and re-protected

    can says it helps keep the insolation pliable too

    (soaking in rustcheck for the winter sitting forgotten under another project in the garage a seized carburetor throttle plate will likely work good as new when you find it again sometime in the spring, too ..)

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    Re: connector electrical quality

    I've read the following link before. I've started using more dielectric grease afterward. I'll be interested to see your results. This seems like something which could make the rounds of the internet.

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    Re: connector electrical quality

    My problem with dielectric grease:
    It is a solid, it does not compress. Covering male/female terminals in it and then plugging them in causes the grease to be forced into the terminals. Since it doesnít compress, the female end will enlarge to make room for the grease thus resulting in a looser connection. Who cares that it still allows conductivity if it physically damages the connection if over-used. I prefer to put a line of grease around the plastic connector thus creating a barrier to water from even getting to the terminals when plugged in.
    Stabilator 22 is great stuff. Iíve used it a lot to successfully fix terminal fretting on low current circuits (air bag systems).

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