Date: 01st April 2019
Username: martin kolner
Full Name:
City, State, Zip: Tempe AZ 85282

Left side T-top weatherstrips for G bodies #4397093 25.00
no rights sorry

Wheel caps for the pizza wheels 10.00

Speedos for most L bodies 25.00

Replacement (recall) seatbelts in tan or black for the 1989 model years

25.00 each see recall notice 2587-25 ... this was a retracting problem

some door belt weather strips (window scrapers) 1984-87 some shelfwear 25.00 each

3 dashpads for early L bodies 40.00 black only

spare tire cover for the G bodies 25.00 shipping is going to be more than the part

Engine wiring harness for the 1987 H Bodies 45.00

Direct Connection Boost kit for the T2 engine 150.00

480 966 6683