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Thread: Newbee - Need Help to Flash SBEC II - 1998 Caravan

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    Newbee - Need Help to Flash SBEC II - 1998 Caravan

    Hi - as title states - I wish to simply be able to read the "flash" from an SBEC II and be able to write it back. I will worry about tunes and modifications later.
    I have read some info from ShelGame from years ago but do not know how to reach him or the "cable" product made.

    Thanks for any help !!

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    Re: Newbee - Need Help to Flash SBEC II - 1998 Caravan

    I don't know if anyone here does the flash for that new of comoutu, but I did come across guys doing it with the SBEC on there jeeps. Not sure if it's the same as what you were looking for but you may try internet searching for that.

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