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Date: 17th February 2019
Username: mopar-tech
Full Name: Gary Donovan
City, State, Zip: Oakdale CT 06370
Price: $100 shipped for SMEC

Long story short- I was on state health exchange till July when there was open enrollment at my employer. The IRS is now stating that since I'm employed they are rescinding my tax credits for heathcare and need to cough up several thousand dollars by April 15th for this 6 month period of coverage. The damnable part is neither I nor my wife wanted the "coverage" nor used it in this period.

Thanks Affordable Care Act, thanks! We would have been better off just paying the fine.

I have 8 weeks to come up with in excess of $6000. We could dig into our rainy day fund but going to hustle as much as possible to come up with the cash. Feel free to contact me for anything else I might have about.

Gary Donovan

Run them as-is or send them out for socketing. All are running pulls prior to 2001-2002 and have just been taking up space in the barn. The modules will be decased and you are just getting the boards in a flat rate $15 US Priority box. If you need a good case too LMK and we will work out the extra shipping.

5234553 1989 Turbo II
5233982 Turbo I automatic 1988
5235135 2.5 Turbo I auto 1989
5235069 2.2L TURBO II 1989
5233982 1988 TI A/T
4557589 1990? No ID
5235193 2.5 manual TBI 1991
56028349 Ram truck 5.9 1995
5235285 2.5 turbo auto 1989
5235139 Turbo I automatic minivan 1989
1989 Turbo Mini Auto SMEC
1989 2.5 Turbo Auto SMEC FED
1989 2.5 Turbo I minivan with manual trans
4714209 2.5 TBI Auto 1993
5235093 1989 3.0 V6 Automatic

I also have Turbo SBEC

5276415 Turbo IV VNT 1990 $150
5235289 2.5 Turbo manual SBEC $150