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Thread: WTB a GOOD working A-412 auto for a 84 Rampage

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    WTB a GOOD working A-413 auto for a 84 Rampage

    From what I am told only a 85 or older will fit.
    because of flex plate and torque convertor pump key.

    Dave L
    would like to pick up in the new england area
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    Re: WTB a GOOD working A-412 auto for a 84 Rampage

    Have Ohio Rob build one for you.

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    Re: WTB a GOOD working A-412 auto for a 84 Rampage

    I've redrilled 3 bolt flexplates to accept 4 bolt convertors.

    Using a 1987 or newer trans would also require 1988-90 L body automatic axles.


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