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Thread: 2.5 issues, wont start.

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    2.5 issues, wont start.

    Hey guys, been a while since I've been on this site. OK, here's the deal, my 93 acclaim just quit running while I was driving it. I assumed it was the timing belt, however, upon inspection, the timing belt seem to be still on the cam sprocket, it just doesn't turn the cam when the starter is engaged. SO trying to think of some possibilities. Can the teeth on the belt possibly shear off. Seem more possible than the keyway shearing. THX to all.

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    Re: 2.5 issues, wont start.

    sounds like you need to remove the lower timing cover. and take a look. pretty easy job.
    10 MM socket and about 10 minutes

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    Re: 2.5 issues, wont start.

    IF you remove the distributor cap the rotor will spin or not. should be a easy way to tell, while in there you can swap out the HEP and probably fix it.

    any codes?
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    Re: 2.5 issues, wont start.

    I would look in the timing window to see if the crank is spinning too,

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    Re: 2.5 issues, wont start.

    Bet the bank on the timing belt teeth being sheared off. That is exactly what happens, they shear off often just around crank sprocket. I had a new belt that had less than 3K miles on it let go on my GLHT coming home from a SDAC event. Shut off car on freeway like I turned off key. It sheared 2/3rds or more of the teeth off belt! Whole lower timing belt cover was filled with timing belt teeth. I still don't know exactly why mine did what it did. Just because it is a new belt, doesn't mean it is not a dry rotted 20+ year old "new" belt. I would steer clear of the heavily discounted timing belts on Amazon, EBay, etc. They're cheap anyway paying full retail at your local Mopar dealer or local parts store. Now I make sure when putting on new belts, that they are reasonably fresh as far as manufacturers date.

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