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Thread: Various G-Body Parts

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    Various G-Body Parts

    Date: 02nd February 2019
    Username: DartGTS340
    Full Name:Mark Robirds
    City, State, Zip:Florence, MT

    All shipped prices to lower 48.

    1st gen interiors(84-89) AC/Heater controls. All 3 types. $20 each shipped.
    Elapsed time/Chronometer. Has new switches. $20 Shipped.
    Radio/HVAC bezel for use with Fog Light/Rear Amp switch and 12 button navigator. $25 shipped.
    Cargo net with buttons. Have 3. $15 shipped.
    Passenger door handle bezel. All tabs intact. $25 shipped.
    '85 door courtesy light housings and lenses. One lens has a missing tab but these hold just fine with 3 unlike the previous item. I have mostly used these over the years to replace the cargo light on my cars. Turns out nice. $15 shipped.
    Compressor, bladders, and bolster gear motors for enthusiast seats. All in good working condition. $30 shipped.
    "DODGE", "DAYTONA", and "SHELBY Z" emblems from the rear of an '88. Faded and in need of refurbishing. Still pliable. The SHELBY Z is what I'm selling. The others are free. $15 shipped.
    Chin spoiler from an '88 Shelby Z. Not perfect but very workable. Dim weight will be the killer on this. $50 plus shipping.

    I've had these two one piece spoilers hanging from my garage ceiling for a while. 1 black, 1 silver. Both are in good shape with backing plates. $20 each plus shipping.

    I posted this just to have some items with prices. I have an entire carport next to my garage filled with bins of various TM parts(84-89). Most are from g-bodies.(All my neighbors use to refer to my place as "The Daytona Ranch") Most are interior parts and various brackets and system components, Some glass including spare T-Tops. Some exterior like tail lights window surrounds, etc. All of it is going to go away to make space for yet another boat.
    I'm in the beginning stages of disassembling an '88 Shelby Z and sending what's left off to the crusher. The engine, trans, electronics, suspension, and brakes are all gone. It's a grey interior/leather. Let me know what you might want. A rust free car.

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    Console Lid Added

    Digging through my stuff I came across this spare I had for my wife's car. Vinyl is still nice and pliable. Foam is great. No rips or cracks. Has the usual wear starting on the ribbing. Hinge is bad. I'll ship without it. I may come across some more hinges in my stuff later. I have more than a few consoles.

    Grey Console Lid $25 shipped.

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    Re: Various G-Body Parts

    Black one piece spoiler sold.

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