Date: 27th January 2019
Username: DartGTS340
Full Name: Mark Robirds
City, State, Zip:Florence, MT

Omni louvers from Hammond. Wiper arm compatible . I have the lower mount/latches. The PO would not allow me to do what I know I needed to do to get the upper hinges off. I have a busted Direct Connection louver fro a g-body that has very similar mounting plates and hinges. I will drill the rivets from them and you can easily mod them to work. The mounting tab for the top slat is cracked. An easy "V" shaped part to make. $100 + shipping

1st Gen G-body Louvers. Not wiper arm compatible. I have all the mounting hardware. All metal. They need refinishing. $50 + shipping.

Side note/FYI:
Anyone coming across some of the Hammond louvers and can not figure out why, after getting the adhesive to break loose, that the upper hinges will not just come out from under the window seal need to be aware that there is a 90 lip that hangs over the edge of the glass. Warm it up with a heat gun and slide a flat of about 3/32" or .094 under it and pull both back out simultaneously. My pic is a little fuzzy on that but you can tell it's there. Those were the DC's which used the same detail.

On the G-body units. I can't stand the height of the w/wiper versions. Makes the car look like it is metamorphosing into an insect. I pop the wiper arm and use an end cap of a certain size end mill tube to press over the shaft and seal tightly in the grommet.