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Thread: 89 Daytona not charging

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    89 Daytona not charging

    I replaced the alternator , I have battery voltage at the main terminal , key on voltage at the field , fuse links seem good (and iirc , wouldn't have field voltage if this was the problem anyway?) also no codes . 89 shelby z , can anyone point me in the direction of troubleshooting wiring and smec , please ?

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    Re: 89 Daytona not charging

    Have you tried full fielding the alternator momentarily to see what voltage is at the battery?
    Check the wiring for the regulator from the computer to the alternator.

    If you have very high battery voltage after full fielding, the voltage regulator inside the SMEC is to blame. At that point you would have to convert to an external regulator, or repair/ replace the power module.

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    Re: 89 Daytona not charging

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