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Thread: 782 mp12 head vs 782 mexico head

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    782 mp12 head vs 782 mexico head

    Hi guys i was looking at using one of my swirl heads and i have a fairly new mexico head that is drilled ,one cylinder didnt hold compression so i switched to a dc g-head prob needs resurfaced and the other one i have is a head i was told is a mopar performance swirl head that is ported and has upgraded valves and springs as well as the dc adjustable mechanical lash adjusters (pulling those out) and seems fairly well ported the valves are deshrouded and the ports look prettl smooth all the way to the valve seats. Im curious if i should go back to a swirl and add +1's or just keep working on my advance tables and stay with the ported dc head it has the bigger valves and spring setup already. Thoughts? Its in a 1989 plymouth voyager

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    Re: 782 mp12 head vs 782 mexico head

    Put both heads on, dyno both then you have facts you can go on.

    782 is rumor to have more torque and 287 is rumor to have more hp, in stock form. Both of your heads are not stock, so your guess is as good as mine.
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    Re: 782 mp12 head vs 782 mexico head

    can you tune the van? a G head on a 2.5 needs a tune due to the ignition timing requirements being different.

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