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Thread: Found some steel 15x6" 4 lug wheels for snow tires

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    Found some steel 15x6" 4 lug wheels for snow tires

    Just wanted to share some info I found while looking for some wheels for snow tires for my 85 NY'er. I must have around 15-20 aluminum 5 lug pizza wheels laying around, but it figures I was looking for something in 4 lug. Went to junk yards and well, I found lots of junk. Rusty, crusty, bent up wheels with the wrong offset and hub bore. I figured by the time I dismounted, discarded salvage yard tires, cleaned, sandblasted, painted or powder coated them, bought spacers, or hub bore rings, I realized it might be cheaper and easier just buying new.

    Then did a little searching on the net and found a Dorman replacement for a 07-10 Chevy Cobalt. Other applications fit a Pontiac G5 and Saturn Ion. Dorman part # is 939-100. Even though it is steel, it is a couple pounds lighter than the 4 lug Pizza wheels that I run with summer tires. -42 ET offset, 57.1 hub bore. 15X6" 4X100mm. Ordered them from a place called Koskowski Automotive and they arrived a couple days later, dropped shipped from Dorman. They look very well made, painted or powder coated good, and snow tires balanced out with minimal weights needed. The fit is perfect for our FWD applications. Shipped to my door they were $165. I believe Dorman makes a very similar wheel in 5 lug.

    So for anyone looking to upgrade from 13-14" to 15" 4 lug, this could be a good option.

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