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Thread: Rack and pinion coupler

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    Rack and pinion coupler

    Converted my charger to manual rack and pinion and I donít think I have the correct coupler. Iíll post a picture to see if itís even the correct splines. Otherwise does anyone have a power rack coupler laying around?

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    Re: Rack and pinion coupler

    If you can find someone that has the proper coupler, that is definitely an easy route. Here is a link to the option of making a hybrid coupler:

    I bought a manual rack for one of my cars and planned to use this method. I found a ebay coupler with the 9/16-26 spline on one side. Well I was surprised to find that my manual rack had a different spline. Best I could determine it was 9/16-17, which I found one reference for but couldn't find a coupler. It's been with my buddy with the removed piece from my power rack waiting to be welded. It seems like many have done the same.
    Trying to count on your picture it looks like you might have the same 9/16-17

    I'm curious what size manual neon racks used.

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