Hi guys/girls. I finally joined after owning my pride and joy for almost 10 years (August 21st 2009)

I was 15 at the time and this 87 Charger popped up on Craigslist for $500. I called the guy and I went there the next day to look at it. Bought it right there on the spot after the test drive with my own money. This is the original Craigslist picture. 2.2 auto car

Alright so after I bought it, I wanted to fix it up and make my own Shelby. So thatís what I did. I forgot to mention that this car came from California and it was stored in the winter months when it lived in Minnesota.

The start of the tear down

Very rare for the floors to be solid on a L body

Now preparing it for paint. Sorry no during pictures between primer and finished product

When we brought it home. 9 months later from start to finish.

Slapped the interior in it and got it ready to drive just in time to drive it to school on Monday after Motherís Day. i drove it like that for a little while until one day on Craigslist I found Shelby seats for $300. I went down to get seats and I managed to bring a truckload of parts home. Shelby hood, 2.2 Charger hood, fenders, nose cone, air dam, ground effects, seats, door panels, and a 525 with all linkage for $350. Damn I was stoked but there was a problem. No shifter or pedals. But my neighbor had a 89 Omni (wish knowing what I know now I would have stripped it completely) that was also a 5 speed but no transmission. So when winter came I took off the parts of the Omni, sent it off to scrap because the body was rotted. And installed a 2.5 out of a 94 shadow parts car we had outback along with the 5 speed. Converted the 2.5 to carb and sent it. Fun car to drive!!!!

September 2012 the fall after graduating high school. I went to go watch the football game and some gal backed into my car creasing the fender, hood and cracked the nose cone. My friend told me and I didnít believe him because we pull pranks on each other all the time (still do to this day) and the local police officer came to me and confirmed it. All I had to do was sign papers. If it wasnít for my friend seeing what happened. It would have been a hit and run. Insurance check of $1200. Perfect opportunity to convert to a Shelby. Over the winter I prepped the panels for paint and boy did she turn out pretty!!!!
Stayed like that till Thursday February 20th 2014. My birthday. Car was in storage down at my grandparents place because there was no room at home. I get a phone call after going out to supper with grandpa on the phone telling me to come down with my keys. The garage was collapsing. I get down there and this is what I see.

The next day we start demoing to get both cars out

After getting it out I took the cover off only to find very light damage. It was the best birthday anyone could ask for. My family members didnít get hurt and neither did my car too bad

So $1800 worth of damage i decided to send it to a body shop. If there was any more damage done. Insurance would have repainted the car. But they said just repaint the bad spots. I delivered it to the body shop thinking I wouldnít see it for a couple weeks but got suprised by her sitting home in the garage 4 days later after coming home from college. Dad brought it home in an enclosed trailer on slushy roads. His boss let him use his trailer and I thanked him very much for doing that!!!

There is a bunch of photos in between then and now. Iíll post them later down farther.

Saturday July 8th 2017. Me and my buddy were on our way back from the meet that evening and him and I decided to do a highway pull. We raced and it was very close. Do we did another one. This time it was closer and was winning. So I rammed it into 5th and that was it. Nothing.....it was stuck in 5th gear but it was in neutral. I tried fixing it on the side of the road, and I couldnít so I called my parents to come rescue me 70 miles from home. Sunday I pushed it into the garage pissed off at myself and never looked at it till this spring.

But the best part about this story. I collected parts over time eventually to do an all motor 2.5 or 2.2. Header, cam and twin carb intake etc. but a friend of my uncle offered me an offer I couldnít refuse. A turbo swap!!! Him and I have gone over the plan of what to do. His 2.2 has rust in the cylinder walls so I provided a 2.2 out of a 94 shadow to use as a replacement. But I called mike from forward motion the other day and he hooked me up with a long rod 2.5 short block with good parts. So I canít wait to get started on the build which convinced me to start a PL.

Iíll keep you guys updated in a few weeks after I get stuff organized

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