posted this on the Dodge Cummins forum with no response
hoping for better luck over here

It's got WH1C turbo that ate the thrust bearing but hasn't hit the housing yet.

1995 12V 3500 4x4 5spd dually 9300lbs
Daily work truck. Sometimes I tow 6-10k. With the 235/85r16 I barley go over 65mph.
From what I can see it's stock pump and injectors. Has #8 fuel plate, 16 timing and boost elbow (spikes 25+ holds 20) no cat, 4" MBR cat back.

What are my best options without breaking the bank. Will the HX35W bolt right up ? Heard the aftermarket ones might have a 16cm housing instead of the 12cm and I'll loose some low end ???

I have a H1C off my 1st gen . Is that the same center section as my WH1C ? I saw Holset listed the WH1C as an upgraded turbo for the 1tons

Or is there a better option without spending $1k+