Date: 01st November 2018
Username: martin kolner
Full Name:
City, State, Zip: Tempe AZ 85282

I have part books going back to 1936 and up to 1999 which I believe is the last year for printed books. Most of the ones in the 1980s on up are NOS. They are heavy and without binders. The truck books and the car books are separate. The truck books tend to be more than one year i.e. 1984-86 trucks are combined. Rarely are the passenger cars more than one year.

I also have a massive collection of owners manuals, accessory books, superseded books, sales brochures, shop manuals, promotional items and other assorted factory literature from the 1930s up to the present. NOTE: Accessory books often have lots of numbers not in the regular part books.

Also have a huge amount of part books on microfiche and one reader too......yeah I know REALLY old technology.

If you need something let me know the Year & Model and I can let you know what I have for it.

480 966 6683