Looking for recommendations for a replacement clutch for my Charger.
I've been running a TU purple plate along with a sprung 4 puck disc for a few years. Truth, I like this clutch but it's not holding the power anymore.

I've recently done a few upgrades to the car and all was running great but last weekend I decided to turn it up a little and threw an additional "chemically induced"100hp at it and shifting from third to fourth, it couldn't hold it.

That said, the clutch is a few years old, it was recently inspected and the pucks still have life in them so I can only assume I'm over powering the clutch system.

What are the choices out there today? A friend of mine in the import scene suggested a Clutch Masters twin carbon clutch but going to the site, it doesn't look like they offer a twin disc set up for the turbo Mopars, only a single.

Same thing with ACT.

Anyone have any insight?