I'm on vacation for the next couple weeks and want to smash out a Spirit R/T. Problem is, the engine I have already built for it is 2.5L. Still TIII DOHC of course, and forged Venolia pistons, cast 2.5L crankshaft, balance shafts removed, stock TIII connecting rods. I also put the rings a bit on the tight side. The top end is fairly stock though. Ported exhaust manifold, slightly ported intake with 58mm throttle body, new lifters, titanium retainers etc... The turbocharger is a 'frankenturbo' that TU rebuilt with a Nissan compressor cover, a Buick GN compressor wheel, but the exhaust side is stock as far as the wheel/housing. I have a new 3" exhaust system for the car.

Problem is, where can I go for a custom SBEC to run it? I've always thought that a 2.5L TIII would be the best of all worlds and I definitely want to stay with the stock SBEC electronics. I realize I've sort of built myself into a corner with this. I plan to get it running on low boost (10 psi or less) with the stock TIII SBEC and get through break-in. But eventually I would like to go full tilt with some reliability and hopefully with 91 octane pump gas.

I don't have super high goals with the car. I would be totally happy to have a fun 300 WHP street car and good throttle/turbo response that the 2.5L Turbo engines are known for.