Trying to reach them for a answer, here is my question

When I bought this daytona z it had a mp performance computer in it. it seems to be set around 12 psi boost. It also seems to be unhappy in colder weather and with cold starts, drops an injector for 1 minute or so on most cold starts, and in the winter time for several minutes. It works fine otherwise.

I got a stage 2 from Cindy years ago, but never figured out why under most driving it would only give me about 7 psi boost, unless I mashed the gas, then it would give me a downshift and the 14psi. Brake boosting starts with it are awesome, but for regular driving it sucks when you want to pass with out going flat to the floor. it will only do about 7 psi. Basically it's max 7 or floored with 14. ??

The mp performance did not have this issue and could get more linear boost with gas pedal, so ran the mp performance computer.

But with cold weather coming sucks to start, cause it stalls right away and then has a bad idle for first couple minutes....figure computer has an issue with a injector driver or something. Cold weather starts with the fwd computer are no problem.

been running the mp computer for a few years now, but really want to give the fwd one more of a go....any thoughts?