Still having problems with my tuning. I have a 90 SBEC in Spirit 2.5 turbo. The sbec is socketed and runs a latch board so I can use erasable chips in it. I got tired of pulling the computer out ever ten minutes to try another tune so I bought a chip extender and cable from Moates. I can not get it to work at all. I tried leaving the latch board on the sbec and I get no check engine light when I turn the key on. I moved the latch adapter to the moates extender board and still no check engine light and therefore no engine startup. Anyone had a setup like this that might know what Im doing wrong? i tried the chip in both directions and the ribbon cable in both directions, never starts. Put the chip and latch adapter back on the sbec, fires right up. I thought maybe i got a bad part either the cable or the chip extender or maybe its not compatible with the latch board. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!