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I think the main problem with the frozen boost design is SMALL coolant connections. Once I purchase my set up I had planed to have it machined for larger outlets and connections. to get that HOT coolant out faster and get some cold water into the core faster.. should equalize the difference.. if we see +40* of intake temp and only +4* in intercooler liquid temp. its a clear sign we are not utilizing enough of the coolant heat transfer abilities. I want to see my intercooler tank water temps go up 20-30* and the intake temps go up 20-30* as well.
I agree with this, and plan to enlarge my plumbing and fittings from 3/4 to 1" over the winter. I figure it will be less money than a new intercooler, and if it does come to that, I'll have benefitted from the larger plumbing either way.