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Thread: Injectors needed: 88 dodge turbo 2.2 TII stock

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    Injectors needed: 88 dodge turbo 2.2 TII stock

    Lancer has been sitting a while and one injector is stuck shut.

    Looking for a set of new or nearly new stock TII injectors.


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    Re: Injectors needed: 88 dodge turbo 2.2 TII stock

    FWD-P or TU probably have a set in stock, if nobody here has them.
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    Re: Injectors needed: 88 dodge turbo 2.2 TII stock

    Apparently Mopar has discontinued them. Well, at least the 804's, which is the replacement for the stock TII & 89+ T1. I ordered a set from Chris @ TU this past Spring. Took him a few weeks, but he came up with a set. Even got the flow sheet with them to prove flow and that they were matched. Been perfect in my Scamp.

    Nice having vendors like this to buy from.

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