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Thread: Oil Pressure Sensor/ Switch Output to 0-5V

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    Question Oil Pressure Sensor/ Switch Output to 0-5V

    This idea started with me thinking of adding an oil pressure sensor to my current system. There are plenty of pressure transducers out there that have a linear response and would be very easy to add on to my system like the one below:

    This got me thinking, my car already has a factory oil pressure sensor/ switch and it would be really nice if I could just take the data coming off of that sensor and convert that data to a 0-5V output that I can input into the MPSciLink and data log that as well. So I dug into the factory system and the sensor looks to be resistance based. I went out to Rock-Auto and found a part number of 1S6621, which has an alternate part number of PS204, manufactured by Wells. I went to their site and found the data sheets and here is their data for the PS204:
    PS204 (View Image)1/8-27 NPTF Dryseal
    • Switch closes 6-10 PSI
    • 90 PSI - 35-40 Ohms
    • 40 PSI - 40-50 Ohms
    • 10 PSI - 45-55 or Open
    • 0-3 PSI - Open

    Looking at the wiring diagram, there are 2 wires going to the sensor, the GRY/YEL looks to be for the sensor and that goes to the gauge and BCM. There is a second wire that is GRY and that seems to only be for a pressure switch.

    First question is, how accurate are these sensors? Should I just add another Tee Fitting to the line coming out of the block before the turbo feed and run two sensors?
    Just starting my initial research.

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    Re: Oil Pressure Sensor/ Switch Output to 0-5V

    The original factory sensors/guages are notorious for being inaccurate. Both oil pressure, and coolant temp. I can't imagine the aftermarket replacement is any better.

    If you want accurate readings, I'd go with something aftermarket like what you linked to.

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    Re: Oil Pressure Sensor/ Switch Output to 0-5V

    From the shown specs of the PS204 it is inaccurate so it is best to stay away

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