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Thread: 1989 Chrysler TC Low Boost Issues

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    Re: 1989 Chrysler TC Low Boost Issues

    Quote Originally Posted by iTurbo View Post
    A 13 port vacuum distribution manifold block seems really excessive. All you really need to run the car are: FPR, MAP sensor/solenoid, boost control, and (hopefully) a BOV and vac/boost gauge.

    As far as waste gate rod tension, I like to have enough tension that you actually have to pull the rod out of the can about 1/8" before sliding it over the stud where the clip goes. Anymore than that and it would probably spike; any less and it would increase the lag. Pulling it out about 1/8" is a good base preload and keeps it held shut sufficiently. Of course, just accessing that on a Turbo II engine is a nightmare in itself with the engine in the car.
    Yeah I know it's a little excessive lol. But I want to really clean up the vacuum line and vacuum system within the engine bay. And yeah, I would not want to do that with the location of the turbo lol. I plan to upgrade to an external waste gate as well as a new turbo in the very near future. But thanks!

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    Re: 1989 Chrysler TC Low Boost Issues

    Personally, I like to use small vac blocks from McMaster-Carr that are coupled directly to the intake itself. It can be installed so that it is not very noticeable and keeps the lines short (better). If you remote mount the block, use at least a 3/8" line for the feed end.

    Also check your PCV and brake booster hose connections. They should have their own dedicated ports on the intake and you don't want to T into those.

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    Re: 1989 Chrysler TC Low Boost Issues

    I like my vac lines stock looking but hidden Factory 4 way (Well Factory 3 way from Dakota hehe) with polyurethane lines added from Line off the TB splits to run a Talon BOV in each IC pipe, and the grainger valve is run off a 3.3 V6 brake booster hose nipple that has a large port for the Brake booster line and a small port for the grainger valve. 90+ turbo's also had this nipple on the back of the intake.

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    Re: 1989 Chrysler TC Low Boost Issues

    My TC is the only car I have with a stock vacuum system. Everything else I rip the factory crap out and reduce it to 4 vacuum lines.

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