I have a newer stye trans , new 523/ 568 cables , 92 daytona shifter and mount bracket and as of now a neon shifter and mount bracket - to go into an L body

- and I'm wanting to know what I might need to know before thinking I have everything for the swap

I would really like to use the neon shifter mount bracket , first because it's a cleaner simpler , lower profile shifter mount and because I'd like to use the neon bracket mounted UNDER the car in the tunnel with the handle sticking up through the o-e L body shifter hole (so that the cables never even enter the passenger compartment)
- thus not having to ruin anything at the bottom of the dash console stack / cubby bin below

at this point I still hopeing the cable mount points on the two brackets are the same distance forward of the shifter
(on my 86-9 swap this was an issue)
my 92 shifter is packed away so I haven't had a chance to compare it to the neon bracket & shifter that just arrived a couple of weeks ago

I'm planing to score the neon hurst shifter kit and I have a small old school shifter stalk that will make up for the lower mounting position of the shifter IF I can make the under car install work out as it's longer than the handle for the neon kit
I know the longer handle will put the distance back into the shifter throw but I never had reason to complain about the stock shifter throw

a shifter with stops is appealing as I've previously broken a 525 1-2 fork and the fork to actuator rod bolt in a 555 which KILLED the 555 as the bolt tip went through the ring & pinion (I actually drove that for four days with a cracked case no oil and a 3-4 fork that was no longer attached to the rod inside the trans ...)