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Thread: DSM Shootout! Special thanks to BADAZZPERFORMANCE!!!!

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    Post DSM Shootout! Special thanks to BADAZZPERFORMANCE!!!!

    I took the van out the the DSM/GTR Shootout last weekend. I had a ton of thumbs-up and people diggin' on the van.

    I ran two passes; drag-radials - 14.22 @105 MPH, slicks - 12.78 @ 105. I was never able to rev past 5000 RPM; a fix to follow soon.

    I need to extend a special thanks to BADAZZPERFORMANCE for looking after me and the van and not letting me do anything stupid. JT gave me great information and helped me with tips on the launch, tire pressures, etc. I have ALWAYS been given excellent help from the members on this board; to name everyone would be hard. Thanks again JT and turbo-dodge community.

    I have video, albeit poor quality, but I don't know how to put it up.

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    Re: DSM Shootout! Special thanks to BADAZZPERFORMANCE!!!!

    Upload them to youtube then link them.

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    Re: DSM Shootout! Special thanks to BADAZZPERFORMANCE!!!!

    I didn't do much, LOL! but thanks and you're welcome, I like to help any fellow TM/SDAC enthusiasts and racers with whatever I may know or learned along the way. Nice to hang out with you and see your van in person and great to see your van get down this weekend! AWESOME to see it bang a 12 on the second pass on the setup! I'm sure with a little work and practice it will be haulin' azz even more!

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    Re: DSM Shootout! Special thanks to BADAZZPERFORMANCE!!!!

    Looking forward to hearing about the next dragracing installment!
    You set the bar pretty solidly with that second pass. I think you might shake up the list once you solve your rev issue.
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