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Thread: Omni GLH and tucked bumpers

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    Omni GLH and tucked bumpers

    I've always really liked the look of tucked bumpers on an Omni GLH (and the S10 air dam for that matter). To the guys that have done this, what do you do about the bumper side pieces? As is, they already go all the way to the wheel arch. Do you have to install early short L-body bumper ends? I hate to cut/hack mine and it wouldn't look right.
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    Re: Omni GLH and tucked bumpers

    Jeremy, my friend that did this used the early Omni end caps.

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    Re: Omni GLH and tucked bumpers

    i cant remember how much i cut out of mine got like maybe 1.5in 2in from the bumper to the car and my bumper end caps surprisingly fit pretty darn good.

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    Re: Omni GLH and tucked bumpers

    Dunno about hack Jeremy but I just follow the contour of the wheel arch and dremel sanded the edges rounded. Fortunately it's black all the way thru not a top color coat.

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