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Thread: 1985 Omni GLH-Turbo

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    1985 Omni GLH-Turbo

    1985 Dodge Omni GLH-Turbo - $$2000obo

    I have a 1985 Dodge Omni GLH-Turbo for sale, in British Columbia - Coast.

    Asking price is $$2000obo

    So I decided in at a turning point again. I'm getting burnt out with always being in project mode. So my plan is to sell my GLH project and all the accompanying parts, then save up and buy a nice GLH or CSX that I can just get in and drive.

    Anyways, the car in question is a loaded SantaFe blue 1985 GLH-TURBO. Currently it's just a roller with no engine or trans in the car. I do have an engine, '88 T2, as well as a good A523 trans. The car has a 3" exhaust under it and fresh brakes. There is some rust in the front floor pans that will need to be patched. The car is currently wired for a smec setup.

    Included with the car is:

    1988 2.2 T2 out of a ShelbyZ
    A523 trans with cables and shifters
    '87 2piece intake with +40s and an afpr
    Good condition T2 turbo with stainless lines
    Turbonetics 2.5" swing valve
    Lbody rad/intercooler
    Gbody rad/intercooler
    Complete setup of Lbody Konis (one rear needs a rebuild)
    Complete set of like new LRE drop springs
    Multiple sets of wheels to choose from
    GLHS style steering wheel
    Nos GLHS lower rad and intercooler hoses
    Nos Bosch foglight housings and covers
    Oh yeah, and a Shelby vc

    And lots of other small parts

    I'd like to sell it all together. However, if I can sell the GLH as a roller by itself, I will sell everything else separately.

    $700 for the GLH roller
    $2k for all of it!
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    Re: 1985 Omni GLH-Turbo

    I think the link is wrong. It links to a 2009 Acura for sale in Greensboro?
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    Re: 1985 Omni GLH-Turbo

    Wtf?! My ad is gone!

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