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Thread: Dual Line Lock help

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    Dual Line Lock help

    So i Installed 2 biondo rear line lock solenoids on the rear of my daytona. Its a racecar and this is to help car hold for the burnout.

    The passenger side locks the tire up but for some reason I can not get the driver side tire to lock up. When I jack the car up i cant move the tire by hand but when i set the car down, at idle the solenoid doesn't even hold the tire. Here is what I have done:

    1. Bleed brakes several times
    2. replaced caliper and banjo bolt
    3.replaced solenoid
    4. I knew the pass side was working so I disconnect it and wired this solenoid to those wire but no luck. So it isnt a wiring issue.
    5. New master cylinder has been installed

    The only thing I can think of is that maybe proportion valve went bad or I need to replace the hard brake line and both hydraulic hoses. But by visual inspection everything looks okay and there are no leaks and brake pedal feels rock hard.

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    Re: Dual Line Lock help

    I'd try the hoses. They collapse internally and then do wierd things.

    Quote Originally Posted by turbovanman
    This one is easy, I have myself to blame, I rush things, don't pay attention to gauges when I should, change to much stuff at once then expect miracles, the list is endless.

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