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Thread: Looking for advice on building a 2.2 RWD?

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    Looking for advice on building a 2.2 RWD?

    So I haven't been on this forum in years.
    Last time I was I had an 85' GTS.
    I recently started building an 88' Ram 50 (Mitsubishi mighty max).
    Everyone is always doing the 4g63 swaps with these. But I wanna be different.
    I have a 2.2 turbo 1 built in my parts bin.
    Can anyone give me info on how I can make this work?
    I'd like to find out bellhousings I can use, and what i can do to change the intake around so i can front mount the throttle body.
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Looking for advice on building a 2.2 RWD?

    automatic trans or manual?

    for manual: 94-95 dakota bellhousing, jeep ax15 clutch arm, throwout bearing and slave cylinder, supra r154 trans or a colorado/solstice/sky ma5 trans. with the r154 trans you use a toyota pickup clutch disk and one of our pressure plates.

    for auto, there were some guys making adapter plates to a 904 trans.

    for the intake elbow, chop it off and weld it on the other side.

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