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Thread: Door lock stuck

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    Door lock stuck

    I have a Daytona that has door poppers. Today I pulled the lock and popper to add a manual release. (I have one on the driver's side.) I put things back together and now I can't get the door to open at all.

    I must have screwed up putting the lock back in, but don't know how or what.

    Any thoughts??


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    Re: Door lock stuck

    uh did you put the door panel back on before you closed the door?

    if so the first thing I would try is to slim jim the door handle/lock

    a slim jim tool or a simple piece of coat hanger with a fair sized hook works easily and well if inserted in the door between the glass and scraper rubber- right above the rear of the door handle
    these cars are disgustingly easy to get into
    if all the rods are attached it should unlock in a few tries

    or maybe one of the link rods fell off when you closed the door? which means fight with the door panel

    sorry not a lot of help I know

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    Re: Door lock stuck

    Right now any help is something....

    The door panel is off, but the latch release mechanism seems to be jambed...

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    Re: Door lock stuck

    get a helper to push the door towards the car as you try to release it
    and same but try lifting the door too

    it may just need a little space to let go of the post/peg /thingy

    how are the hinge pins?
    if sloppy that could be the real problem - fiddelin' with the latch may have just made it an issue

    my shelby z , I had to lift the door and open it at the same time / motion
    I ended up breaking the first door handle as a result

    from inside I had to give it a little shove

    plastic paint stir sticks from the paint n wallpaper store make good door gap spacer tools while doing bodywork but also work as a no-mar pry stick for lifting / pushing doors (a little bit)
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    Re: Door lock stuck

    Thanks for the help. Compared the lock and found how it was member.
    Now working, onto new problems.

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